Advanced Practice Role

This assignment will synthesize what you have discovered about the different advanced practice roles and scope of practice of: APRNs, nurse educator, nurse informaticist, and…

This assignment will synthesize what you have discovered about the different advanced practice roles and scope of practice of: APRNs, nurse educator, nurse informaticist, and nurse administrator/executive. You will review all roles and then examine the specialty of family nurse practitioner, focusing on the scope of practice, core competencies, certification requirements, and legal aspects of practice for that specific role. You will also identify the practice environment and population you will be working with, as well as peers and colleagues. In addition, you will discuss your future leadership role and participation in professional organizations.
Your paper is to be based on current literature, standards of practice, core competencies, and certification bodies for the family nurse practitioner role. The paper should be 8-10 pages excluding the title and reference pages, and APA format is required. 
    Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing:o    Briefly define advance nursing practice and the roles in advanced practice nursing pertaining to clinical practice, primary care, education, administration, and health information. Distinguish between ANP and the APN.o    Describe the advance nursing practice role you aspire and briefly share the experiences and/or qualities you have that have influenced your decision. Include your personal philosophy.    Selected Advanced Practice Role:(will be uploaded in additional material)o    Identify the AP you interviewed and summarize the interview, which should/may include the below information, if not please address:    Examine regulatory and legal requirements for the state in which you plan to practice/work (Florida).    Describe the professional organizations available for membership for family nurse practitioners.    Identify required competencies (domains), including certification requirements for family nurse practitioners.    Describe the organization and setting, population, and colleagues with whom you plan to work.    Leadership Attributes of the Advanced Practice Role:o    Determine your leadership style (servant leadership)o    Define Transformational Leadership and as it relates to your identified leadership attributes that you possess or need to developo    Apply the leadership style you will embrace in AP to one of the domains    Health Policy and the Advanced Practice Role:o    What states have NP Full Practice Authority and which states have limitations or restrictions? How does this apply to the state of Florida? Please address questions below and state your position on this regulation.    Describe the current policy or trends and determine if it needs to change; if opposed to change state why    Provide the process required to make the change with key players and parties of interest; support opposition    Explain how you could lead the effort to make or influence the change in policy or keep the policy the same and the impact in healthcare quality.    Conclusion-Summarize your role paper by highlighting key points made in your paper.
The paper must have an introduction and conclusion paragraph.
    Support your responses with examples.    Cite any sources in APA format.    Support your responses with scholarly academic references using APA style format.

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