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Essay, you will need to use one (1) of the previous essays that you have read for the Analytical Summary Project as a theoretical lens…

Essay, you will need to use one (1) of the previous essays that you have read for the Analytical Summary Project as a theoretical lens for interpreting one (1) of the texts from the Critical Analysis Project readings.So, you need to use either Kiki Kannibal, Small Change, Who Is This Man and Why Is He Screaming, or A Rape in Cyberspace as a lens that you use to interpret and analyze one of the readings from this project about fake news.
Make sure that your essay is thesis-driven, you are using quotes to support your arguments, and you are using multiple sources to support each argument you make.
Here are some of the things Ill be looking for in this essay:
Introduction does it introduce the show being analyzed? Does it get right to the point, without any overly general waffling around? (No Throughout history, In todays society, or According to!)Thesis statement do you have an original, clearly stated, debatable or non-obvious interpretation of the show?Secondary text do you clearly summarize the relevant parts of your secondary text? Do you explain how your interpretation responds to, builds on, or uses ideas from your secondary text?Paragraphing is your essay logically structured on the paragraph level, with each paragraph having its own main idea that builds off the previous one? Does it avoid the boring five-paragraph structure and three reasons list structure?Conclusion does it come full circle, pursue implications, or identify questions for further research? Does it avoid merely restating what came before?Quotations and paraphrases are they properly integrated and attributed to the source?Scene analysis is the scene carefully and closely described? Have you broken it down into its parts and explained how those parts support your interpretation?Formatting is the essay properly formatted according to MLA guidelines?Works Cited is there a proper Works Cited page with a correctly formatted entry for the text and episode youre analyzing?Proofreading, editing, clarity is the essay clearly written? Does it avoid errors?Although you will be using the skills that you developed in the previous assignment (e.g., summarizing, identifying and analyzing themes, etc.), keep in mind that the critical analysis is different from the analytical summary in that you are using one text (the critical lens) to shed light on another (the target) in order to show your readers something that they might not otherwise be able to see. This could mean complementing, complicating, or even contradicting ideas or arguments expressed in the target text. It could also mean using the target text to call into question the validity of the lens text, to extend its central argument, or to reevaluate it in some meaningful way. No matter what you end up finding, you should be able to make a clear claim and support it with evidence from both texts while bringing them into dialogue with one another.
Basic organization of paper:
Introduction: briefly introduce the lens text that you are using and offer a strong claim about how it complements, complicates, or contradicts themes/ideas found in the target text (your thesis);Body paragraphs: focus on detailed descriptions and analyses of the two texts that support your thesis and show how they are connected;Conclusion: reinforce your claim and emphasize the larger importance of doing this kind of analysis (i.e., what did you learn? why does it matter?);Use appropriate academic vocabulary; cite all sources in MLA style.

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