You are going to write 7 entries/hours new entry and correct 5 entries by add more words to the one who missing. All enter need…

You are going to write 7 entries/hours new entry and correct 5 entries by add more words to the one who missing. All enter need to be 200 or more and entry # 12 
Please follow the indication: Fieldwork Assignment for EDCE 42000 (indication)
All material that you need are attached.
Fieldwork Assignment for EDCE 42000
Overview: As with other teaching methods courses in CCNYs Childhood Education program, EDCE 42000requires that you do 15 hours of fieldwork. In Summer 2020, this will involve using the BSCS ViSTA programs video-based teacher professional development system. BSCS is an educational R&D firm located in Colorado Springs that has very capably supported science education in the US for over 40 years.Use the link below to sign up for and access ViSTAs webpages, which contain videos of elementary science classroom teaching, teachers describing their planning and learning objectives, and students describing their understandings and misconceptions about science. ViSTA provides samples of student work, and asks its users (you) powerful questions about teaching and learning to consider and answer.Selecting Your Modules: Once you have created your account and have a user name and password, look over the menu and choose your top pick from among the five elementary science teaching topics Plants, Electricity & Magnetism, Forces & Motion, Inquiry and the Water Cycle. (Note that the last two are short compared to the first three topics.) In order to complete the required 15 hours of fieldwork, you should plan to complete 1-2 of the longer modules, plus or minus a few pages or entries.Making a Fieldwork Entry and Giving it a Title: To do your first (or any) fieldwork entry, you need tokeep track of the time you spend while going through the ViSTA materials. Set a timer on yoursmartphone to 1 hour, click the button to begin the 45-minute countdown as you use ViSTA. Take notes asyou proceed, which may address: What did you read and observe that hour? What questions came up about elementary science teaching and learning? What were your answers to questions raised in ViSTA?When your first hour of is done and it is convenient, stop your work on ViSTA and write a 200-word (or more) Fieldwork Entry for your STEM Notebook based on your notes. Begin the title of each SN entry with the phrase Field Work Hour # Put the number of that entry, and end the title with a few words describing the topic. For example: Field Work Hour #3 Lessons on Seeds. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not proceed with the next hour of ViSTA materials until AFTER you complete your previous hours SN entry.Guidelines on Fieldwork Entries: In your 200-word (or more) entry, you may describe insights yougained about teaching and learning, or ideas for use in your own future classroom practice. Do not rely on long quotes from the ViSTA materials. Instead put on display your own thoughts or summarize what you saw in your own words. If you find that the first topic that you picked is not to your liking, then pick a second topic, and indicate this change in your next STEM Notebook entry.Devote your Entry #13 to writing a review where you reflect on your experience with ViSTA, describe its strengths and drawbacks, and indicate whether you think it should be used in the future in EDCE 42000

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