History of Mathmetics

Each student is required to write an in-depth project paper about 1500 words, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, 1 inch margin, not…

Each student is required to write an in-depth project paper about 1500 words, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, 1 inch margin, not including the title page and reference page. The paper must be a detailed study of the history of some topic (for instance, an important theorem) or person in mathematics. You may choose your topic from your textbook or watching mathematical videos. It cannot be all history or all mathematics. You should use many different research materials, from articles to books to the internet. Papers are not to be simple downloaded articles by other writers found on the world wide web, but must represent the result of your own studies and reflections based on your own reading and study. The percentage of direct quotes should not be more than 30% of the whole paper. The percentage can be found by clicking on SA Reports after submitting your paper through SafeAssignment on Blackboard.
46-60: The paper begins with a good thesis (argument) and is well-organized. The factual material is accurate and is relevant to the thesis. The mathematics is correct. The ideas are presented in a clear and logical fashion, and the arguments are supported by the evidence. The paper demonstrates a sound understanding of the period and of the issues. There are no spelling or grammatical errors, and the writing is clear and effective. 31-45: The thesis is relatively weak or is only partially supported by evidence. Some of the evidence presented is incorrect, or contradicts the thesis. Some relevant evidence is missing. Some statements indicate an incomplete understanding of the mathematics and science or of the historical situation. The style needs improvement and/or there are a few spelling and grammatical errors. 16-30: The paper has a weak thesis and the thesis is poorly supported by evidence. The paper is entirely descriptive or shows confusion about key facts and concepts. Facts that are covered are not well related to the thesis, or contradict it. The sources are mostly tertiary sources of dubious quality. The paper contains rudimentary or stereotypical generalizations that reflect a poor understanding of the subject. There are significant spelling or grammatical errors, or there are enough stylistic problems to make it hard to follow what you want to say. 0-15: The paper contains no thesis and demonstrates a very poor knowledge of the subject matter. It shows little evidence of original thought. The writing is very hard to understand, laced with spelling and grammatical errors, and uses words inappropriately. There are only one or two sources, and those are of dubious quality. The paper shows signs of having been written very quickly.
Besides the above, your essay will also be subject to the following:
1. Lose one point each day past the due day;
2. Lose one point for every 50 words less than 1500 words.
3. Lose one point for every 5% of your direct quotes percentage above 30%.
4. Lose a half point for every two grammar or spelling mistakes.
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