Internetworking With TCP/IP

Hello Robert,I hope you are staying healthy and safe. I need an assistant with my Professional Training home work assignments. I am going to have…

Hello Robert,I hope you are staying healthy and safe. I need an assistant with my Professional Training home work assignments. I am going to have a weekly assignment for next two months. Please let me know if you would be willing to post the solutions for my first home work questions attached above and how many tutoring hours you would like to charge me?
1. Imagine that a bicycle messenger is given two (2) USB memory sticks, each of which contains 64 gigabytes of data. Given that the courier can travel at 20 km per hour through traffic, for what range of distance does the courier have a higher data rate than a transmission line whose data rate (excluding overhead) is 150 Mbps? Provide the details that support your answer.
2. Explain the use of the sliding window for both flow control and error control. Show how the same sequence numbers that are used for flow control can also be used for error control. Illustrate your answer using time sequence diagrams.
3. Research the network architecture and technology of cable modems and xDSL service for providing access to the Internet from your home. Describe in detail the technical features of the transmission and multiplexing schemes used by each of these services. Your answer should focus on the coax or twisted pair technology used in these services rather than the use of fiber optics, and your answer should concentrate on the transmission and multiplexing used by these systems. You will find a lot of material available on the web to help you answer this question but please note that your answer should be in your own words, and that your answer should include proper citations.
4. Spend some time researching new technology that is being developed to provide high-speed Internet service to residential customers. Describe a new development in this area. (Make sure to provide the appropriate citations for your answer.) How fast do you expect residential users where you live to be able to access the Internet two years from today?
Note that your answer to this question, and all of the questions on a homework assignment, should be in your own words: it cannot be a definition or a description copied from a resource on the web.
A) What is a virtual circuit? How does it compare to a physical or “real” circuit?
B) Describe, compare and contrast, connection-oriented communication and connectionless communication. Focus your answer on the protocols at layer 3 (IP) and layer 4 (TCP or UDP).
C) It is very common to hear folks say that connection-oriented communications is the same as circuit switching or circuit-switched communication. Does this statement make sense? How are the two concepts and technologies related to each other, and/or how are they different? HINT: Consider the physical characteristics of a network versus the logical view of the network.

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