Marks of a Disciple Assessment Implementation Assignment Paper

MARKS OF A DISCIPLE ASSESSMENT IMPLEMENTATION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEW In a previous assignment, you designed an assessment to measure the Marks of a Disciple in someones…

In a previous assignment, you designed an assessment to measure the Marks of a Disciple in someones life. In this assignment, you are giving the previously designed assessment to other people and reporting the results. (Look at the uploaded paper section it is under graded paper )
For this assignment, you will give that assessment to at least 5 Christians. (It is imperative that these 5 people claim to be believers in Jesus.) You can exceed this number. It is preferred that you survey people within the church you attend; however, if that is not possible, anyone will work. You can find family or friends. You can post on social media. You can go door to door. The goal is simply to get at least 5 Christians to take the assessment.
Take the results, summarize them, and submit them in the class. Include these elements:
    Your name and course number.    How many people took your assessment?    Describe the group of people who took the assessment. In other words, provide a brief demographic summary. This summary can be in bullet form or paragraph form. Keep it short and simple. DO NOT provide any names or identify characteristics such as places of employment or places of worship unless you change them and use pseudonyms.    Present the total results of the assessments. Provide an average point total for each section based on the assessments that were taken. Add up the point total for a section of all the assessments and divide that by the number of assessments taken.
Thus, your submission will look something this:
Adam McClendon, DSMN 815
    12 people took the assessment.    Of those that took the assessment: (Be clear whether you obtained this information from them or you are guessing. If you do not have this information, thats fine. Just be clear and honest.)o    6 Caucasian, 1 Hispanic, 3 African American, 2 Unknown o    The participants ranged in age from 32 to 55 and the average age was 43.o    The education level of the participants is:    2 High School only    2 some college    6 college graduate    2 graduate degreeo    All participants live in Bedford County VA.o    All participants attend the same church.
Summary of Marks    Average Total from AssessmentsMark 1:    4.5Mark 2:    3.8etc.   
1. Look at the graded paper thoroughly for direction and to do the same survey or asking  5 people different questions that you will report. The people should be from your church for the paper please. Know guessing. The graded paper has like 6 things that you will ask them, including the new that you will add from the Mclendon example abobe.
2. Follow the example above under the instruction in Reporting it.
3. I will not extend the time for the paper, so don’t ask me for an extension pls.
4. I need a Title page and Table of content page for clarity sake, it should be done following the current Turabain Style and note that the one in the graded paper is off, but the same information is needed in it.
5. For my name in the reporting, leave it blank or put unknown, and for the course code it is DSMN 815 okay.
6. Readings which should be put at the bottom of the assignment as a Reference(s). is:
1.  Gorman, Michael J. Cruciformity: Pauls Narrative Spirituality of the Cross. Eerdmans, 2001. ISBN: 978-0802847959. (Read Chapters  9 AND 10 )
2. Whitney, Donald S. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. NavPress, 2014. ISBN: 978-1615216178. ( READ CHAPTERS 1, READ CHAPTERS 6 AND 7 )

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