Paper Two: (50 points)You will be required to write a typed paper with a minimum of four pages. The paper is to be double spacedusing…

Paper Two: (50 points)You will be required to write a typed paper with a minimum of four pages. The paper is to be double spacedusing no more than 12 point font and no larger than 1.25 inch margins (preset in Word).
For the paper you will choose a relationship between you and one other person (this can be the samerelationship you used for Paper One. This relationship can be a work relationship, friendship, romanticrelationship, or familial relationship. Using your text, class notes, and class discussion, assess the relationshipscommunication based on what you have learned in the second half of this class (Chapters 7-12). Be sure to usethe vocabulary you have learned. The paper should have the following form:Introduction – Introduce the relationship, describe the relationship, and give any background information thatyou feel is relevant to your paper.
Body Use specific examples of actual events and conversations that describe the aspects of communication inthe relationship including an assessment of emotions, communication climate, conflict, and either friendships,romantic relationships, or family (you can use a combination of these as well – for example, a family member ora romantic partner may have qualities of friendship as well). Please identify the concepts youve covered bytyping each concept in parentheses at the end of each example.
Conclusion – Predict what you think the future of this relationship will be in regard to communication andprocesses. If you think it will last, tell me why. If you think it will end, tell me why. Be sure to support yourprediction for the future of this relationship with information we have learned in class related to theassessment you made.For this paper, be sure to include a minimum of 25 specific examples demonstrating how the information inthese chapters applies to the communication in your relationship. These 25 examples should be given based onas many different concepts as possible (an average of 4 5 examples per chapter usually works). The idea is toassess as many different aspects of communication as you can using the information we have covered in thesecond six chapters. You will be graded based on the number of specific concrete examples you use todemonstrate that you have learned, understand, and can apply the material we have covered. Your papershould be error free. Your grade will reflect errors spelling, grammar or otherwise.

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