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Writing Summary and Response I.              Read and take notes on Toni Morrisons The Work You Do, the Person You…

Writing Summary and Response
I.              Read and take notes on Toni Morrisons The Work You Do, the Person You Are. 
I HAVE ATTACHED THE TONI PARAGRAPH.Write a summary and response of the reading.
II.            Summary paragraph: Write a well-developed summary paragraph (at least 10 but no more than 12 sentences).
1.    Your first sentence (topic sentence) should include the title, the author, and the main idea (stated in your own words). For example: In this essay, What is Intelligence, Anyway? Isaac Asimov asserts that there are many different types of intelligence, not just the one measured by standardized tests.
2.    State the main supporting points.
3.    Show how the writer supports the main points (Example: What examples does the author use to support the main points?). Find one quote (two maximum) from the piece that you can integrate into your summary.
4.    Write a concluding sentence that sums up the writers conclusion. What point does the writer make at the end? Your last sentence should be written in your own words. Do not end with a quotation.
III.          Response paragraph: Write a well-developed paragraph (approx. 10-12 sentences) that responds in some way to the piece youve summarized.
1.    Write a topic sentence that:
      Provides a smooth transition between the summary paragraph and your response paragraph. This will help the reader understand when your writing moves from the summary of someone elses ideas to your own ideas in response.
      Provides a focus for this paragraph.
2.    Develop your response to the essay in the body of your paragraph by addressing the following:
Toni Morrison states that “You are not the work you do; you are the person you are.” Agree or disagree with this statement and use specific examples to support your ideas.
3.    Write a concluding sentence.
Submit your summary and response paragraphs as a Word document by 11:59 by Sunday of Week 5.

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