Purpose: this assignment you will use the reading, writing and critical thinking and researching skills discussed throughout this course to research and write about current…

Purpose: this assignment you will use the reading, writing and critical thinking and researching skills discussed throughout this course to research and write about current approaches to a specific, contemporary issue relevant to your field of study at college. BE SPECIFIC. The topic must be focused on a specific issue, not a broad theme.
Relevant Learning Outcomes:  LO01, LO02, LO03, LO04, and LO05
Assessment Tools:  Essay Rubric
Format: Your assignment should be 3-5 pages in length and should follow APA formatting guidelines.
Sources: You must use at least three (3) sources and two (2) or more of your sources must be from the Mohawk College Library Database. You may write direct quotes, paraphrase, and summary when using your sources, but all information taken from other sources must be cited using APA format.
A research report MUST include APA in-text citations (authors last name, year) throughout the report.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Step 1: Narrow your topic from the provided list of potential themes. This is important. Think about something specific youve learned about in another course and want to explore further.
Step 2: Research your topic using the source evaluation techniques discussed in the course. Researching can also help narrow your topic. Your research must include at least three articles from credible sources including the library databases.
Demonstrate how your quote supports your argument (how it is relevant).
Only quote when necessary; paraphrase and summarize often.
Step 3: Draft your thesis statement. The thesis statement is NOT the theme; instead it should argue something about theme that may be either prescriptive or reflective or both. For example, a thesis statement that builds on the theme social media and business, might read: There are many types of social media, but Linkedin is most useful to the business student because it allows you to network, share articles of interest and search for employment. (Note: the report is focused on a specific social media platform, NOT social media is great).
Step 4: Outline your research report. You can use headings to organize the report, but you must use clear paragraph structure under each heading you can use more than one paragraph under each heading. Headings are incomplete sentences that repeat the main point in the topic sentence of the paragraph. You are not required to use headings but student often find they help organize reports.
Craft the topic sentences for your body paragraphs and make sure all of them build on your thesis statement but dont repeat it. Ensure the topic sentences are ordered in a logical sequence to build toward your conclusion. Collect and organize the specific evidence you will use to support each topic sentence from your research. Add the reasoning and analysis the connective tissue that ties each piece of evidence back to the topic sentence. Save some last piece of evidence a startling statistic, quote, or anecdote for your conclusion.
Step 5: Draft your essay. Review the notes on memorable opening and concluding paragraphs. Keep track of your use of research for citation purposes.
Step 6: Revise and edit your report for grammatical, spelling and mechanical errors. Does each of your paragraphs have unity, coherence, adequate development and a defined topic sentence? Is your language vivid, active and appropriate to the topic?
Step 7: Include an APA style Bibliography/Works Cited page.
NOTE: A research report MUST include APA in-text citations (authors last name, year) throughout the report. If there are NO in-text citations indicating when information was taken from another source, the report is considered plagiarized and will receive 0.
Topic Suggestions1. New technology important to your field of study Select a SPECIFIC technology to research such as a new software program specific to a profession; a virtual reality learning tool; an improvement to PLCs, or advanced Bluetooth technology as it applies to a specific industry. (Note: technology is important to manufacturing is NOT specific)
2. Future opportunities for employment in your field What specifically has changed in a specific industry? For example, cellphones have created the opportunity for TV Broadcasters to create their own channels; or virtual accounting offices in the 21st century; or pros and cons of the gig economy for recent college graduates in X field.
3. The impact of your profession on your community or society What is one specific impact or benefit of your profession? For example, the recent pandemic revealed how vital personal support workers are in nursing homes because or how Child and Youth Workers can help street kids with mental illness.
4.  The importance of literacy or communication skills in your field of study Again, be specific. Research three ways excellent public speaking skills benefit marketers etc.
5. The impact or use of social media in a specific profession Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Youtube, Facebook are all completely different. Select one and research the advantages and disadvantages using that platform has on your specific profession. Be creative, but specific. Note: Social Media is great for Paralegals is NOT a specific topic.
6. Specific industry environmental issues or concerns Research ways your field of study can reduce negative impacts on the environment and/or global warming. For example, you could look at building construction materials made for recycled material or how mechanics can help reduce car emissions or safely dispose of hazardous fluids.
7. The impact of the pandemic on your field Research how the pademic has decimated or reinvigorated your field.  For instance, some local plants initially shut down but then restarted  making different products such as PPE and hand sanitizer.
8. The impact of systemic racism in your fieldResearch the ways in which systemic racism impacts your profession.  For example, you could look hiring practices in corportations or representations in the media.
NOTE: The examples provided are examples not a list of specific topics you must select from. Use these examples to craft your own topic specific to your college field of study.

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